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A farm where girls, women, and the land grow together

Kaima Nahalal – Our team

Professional Staff

Kaima Nahalal’s multi-generational all-women professional team is comprised of seasoned educators, talented permaculturalists, creative thinkers, and passionate doers. All are committed to the girls and younger women who have come to the farm to heal, exercise their curiosity, and discover their own strengths.

Merav carmi

Merav Carmi - Founder, CEO, and Community Relations Manager

Merav, born on Moshav Nahalal, is a fourth-generation moshavnik and sixth-generation Israeli, the descendent of farmers and pioneers guided by a passion for working the land. Merav has a strong background in environmental studies, permaculture design, biodynamic agriculture, media, and community building. After a decade of working in television in Tel-Aviv (aside from one year in New York), Merav returned to the north and co-founded Yesh-Meain Ecological Farm, an eco-educational farm promoting environmental and social awareness and encourages change regarding consumption and the perception of abundance in Israeli society.  That farm, and the experience gained with healing the land from decades-long chemical abuse, informed much of the spirit behind Kaima Nahalal. In 2019 Mearv received the Yaffa London Yaari Award which recognizes women who have established innovative solutions to advance the status of girls and women in Israel society. 

Anat Carmi

Anat Carmi, Customer Service Manager

Born and raised on Moshav Nahalal, Anat grew up feeling a deep connection to the earth and agriculture. Her work as an accountant, a restaurateur, and an interior designer informed her specialty in customer service, a field that depends on the ability to develop close, personal relationships. In her role as Kaima Nahalal’s Customer Service Manager, Anat is the primary liaison between the customer and our farm. 

Nofar Social worker

Nofar Eshed Lavi, Social Worker

Nofar, born in Nahalal to a family which earned its living exclusively from agriculture, has always felt a deep connection to nature. She received a BA in Psychology and Special Education from Tel Hai College and worked with young people with special needs for several years. Nofar also holds an MA in Clinical Social Work from the University of Haifa. Her academic and professional life has largely been devoted to assisting women. Before joining Kaima Nahalal, Nofar worked at the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel and with Ofek Nashi, an organization that provides crisis intervention services and long-term assistance for prostituted women. For Nofar, Kaima Nahalal unites many of the elements that drive her—encouraging the empowerment and self-worth of girls and women, and engaging in physical work with the earth as a means of building personal capacities.

Ori Agricultural director

Ori Sadot Greengold, Agricultural Director 

Ori grew up on Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot founded by a community of Holocaust survivors, and today lives in Haifa. Orchards, fields, barns and plant life have always been part of her domestic space. After studying the history of Israel at Haifa University, agriculture continued to play a central role in her professional life as she has worked in a variety of educational settings, including an agricultural boarding school and agricultural hostel for at-risk youth.

Iris National service mentor

Iris Williams. National Service Residential Program Mentor

Iris grew up on Kibbutz Tzora. Following her army service, Iris traveled throughout Israel and internationally. Upon her return, she worked and volunteered in a variety of educational and agricultural settings, including farming communities south of Israel’s Dead Sea. Iris recently returned to the north and is now studying for a degree in criminology and education at Max Stern Yezreel Valley College, while she mentors residents in Kaima Nahalal’s Safe Living initiative.

Lay Leadership and Founders

Board Members

  • Ori Epstein

  • Gil Fridman

  • Assaf Pery

  • Limor Regev

  • Racheli Tidhar Kaner


Advisory Committee Members

  • Merav Dahan Bar Yzhak

  • Tal Marzer


  • Odi Ben-Valid

  • Merav Carmi

  • Irit Carmi

  • Eran Falkenberg

  • Gil Fridman

  • Yoav Saban

  • Naama Saban

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