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A farm where girls, women, and the land grow together

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Meshek 72, Moshav Nahalal

106000 Israel

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Part of a Successful Network

Kaima Nahalal, near Afula, is one of four farms in the growing Kaima national educational network of youth-run CSA farms. Other sister farms include Kaima Beit Zayit (near Jerusalem); Kaima Hukuk (near Tiberius); and Kaima Tanzania, our network's first farm outside of Israel. Below is a look at Kaima’s successful educational and economic platforms based on observations from our founding farm in Beit Zayit, near Jerusalem, in operation since 2013:

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Educational Platform

The Kaima network is actively mapping a new educational employment strategy that is successfully promoting the re-engagement of Israelis who have dropped out of school. The results: Within six months, 80% of our young farmers either return to traditional classroom learning or night school and/or enter rehab for the first time. Additionally, 95% of those who have turned 18 while part of the Kaima community serve in the army or perform national service, social responsibilities that were not previously on their radar.

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Economic Platform​

Kaima Nahalal, like all Kaima farms, helps support itself, in part, through self-generated income in synch with social business practices. Currently, we support some 50% of our operating costs through the sale of the farm's yield and services provided to the public.  

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